24 Hours in Tulum

I just got back from Tulum and let me tell you babe, the hype is rEaL! This magical place immerses you in authentic Mexican culture better then any other city I’ve been. It definitely is a little granola and makes you want to escape the hustle of real life and just be a yogi.  The crystal blue water is NOT a filter, it was so beautiful that alone it could relax you and make you soak up every peaceful second.

Getting There:

Fly into Cancun International Airport. Tulum is about one and a half hours south of the airport. Very straight forward drive, only one highway along the water. We rented a car through National Car Rental. The car rental companies were maybe a minute from the airport and were super convenient, plus they didn’t give us any run around. I would highly recommend this option because the taxi we were quoted to and from was $250 USD and the car rental was only a dollar a day plus $20 per day for basic mandatory insurance (but its all you need.) Plus we felt completely comfortable driving there. But if thats not your gig, then they have Super Shuttle and good ole taxis but you will get taken in price.

Where to Stay:

Papaya Playa Project: moderately priced. Basic Bungalows. Very boho and comfy but don’t expect a luxury living situation here. The Beach Club is very lively and require reservations in advance if not staying there. (I would recommend this route!) They also have Full Moon Parties so check the calendar when booking!


Good new is the cervezas are cheap here! like $2.50 USD

COCO Tulum: moderately priced. This property is beyond gorgeous. The DJ is spinning, the sounds are dope, the drinks are cold, and the food is tasty! It is still a little rustic with no AC but the beach is pristine and the ocean breeze makes up for it all.



IMG_0193And come on…. how adorable is this beach shower!?!?!?!?


Well I guess he is cuter!


Plus their food is on point! A little more Mexicali but thats my jam so we loved it!

Azulik: a baller NOT on a budget. Swiss Family Robinson Style treehouses on a cliff with breathtaking views. However, don’t be confused your still glamping while spending a grand plus per night. There is no AC or shower (there is an instagram worthy bath tub) but lets be real this doesn’t really suffice for me. With that being said it really is the most special hotel I’ve been too. All the walkways were perched about 30 feet in the air with “bird nests” connecting them. If you can camp and like the finer things in life you will love this place. I would rather have dinner there and sleep with AC back at my place but I am little bit of a princess when it comes to my sleeping environment.



Things To Do:

Tulum Ruins: We are glad we went and saw it because ruins over the ocean is pretty cool but OMG it is a bit of a tourist trap. If you do go, go EARLY. We went around 10am (thinking that was early on vacation) but all the tour buses were already there. First they file you through all these little shops then make you think you have to stand in this line for tickets when really its the line for the train ($40 pesos). I mean its like a 2 minute walk to the entrance. DO NOT stand in line for this, just keep walking. Then there is a real line for tickets, be prepared they only take cash (there is an ATM) and they don’t give change. It was $70 pesos ($3.50 USD) per person to enter. It was also $70 pesos to park. The ruins were cool to see but good luck getting a picture without other people in it.


Rent a Bike: Bikes are a very popular way to get around Tulum and a good way to see a lot without having to find parking.

Beach Bar Hopping: All of the hotels mentioned above allow outside guests to enjoy their beach clubs. Plus they all have restaurants and the food was YUM!

Cenotes: While we visited cenotes in Playa Del Carmen, Tulum has their own array of options. The top two options in my option were Cenote Dos Ojos and Cenote Grand. Cenotes are natural fresh water sink holes often with caves where you can swim and dive.

Stay tuned for my next post on Playa Del Carmen!




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