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Backyard Glamping Vegan Pizza Party

Well I don’t know what I’m more excited to write about today, our vegan pizza or this amazing glamping tent our friends just got (THANK YOU DAVE AND ELLESE). I think its TENT>PIZZA! I know very few things out do food for me but this tent is so magical that I know you’ll be filling out your shipping address for it by the end of this read.

As you all know luxury camping aka glamping is becoming a commonplace at music festivals, national parks, airbnbs and they are charging an insane amount of money for a tent with a queen mattress in it! Thank goodness my friends are good stewards of their money and did their due diligence instead of just renting one like I was going to do. VIP glamping at music festivals can run a few hundred to a few thousand dollars depending on the festival. Last August my husband and I stayed at Under the Canvas in Moab, Utah and our basic tent with no bathroom was $350/night. What if you could OWN this tent for a few hundred bucks instead of renting it for ONE night??


So there is a wholesale website called Alibaba where you can buy the tent direct from China Bell Tent. Warning: the price given is NOT the price WITH SHIPPING. The website says $180-250 and expect another $200 in shipping fees. But the quality of this tent is on point and meets the expectations of a girl who in general doesn’t camp.


A few weekends ago we used it at a music festival and it was PERFECT! The bottom ties up and allows for great air flow to chill during the day. I highly recommend getting some persian rugs, twinkly lights and fluffy pillows to make it the full bohemian experience.


The best thing about this tent is the set-up/tear-down is the same if not easier than any regular tent. When I say this, however, this is coming from an observer. Lets be real the guys set up the tent and we stand there with a class of vino in hand directing orders. Since its so easy to put up we decided why the hell not lets have a dinner party in the tent.


So now for the actual VEGAN PIZZA. I preferably like to make a gluten-free crust (my favorite is from Trader Joe’s in the frozen section) but really any pre-made crust will do because I know you guys are all lazy AF like me. Now to the cheese, there are so many vegan cheese brands out there now that its easy to say, “No, I can’t do vegan cheese! Its gross.” And while this is true of a lot of vegan cheese I have found some cheeses that I love for different recipes. The daiya mozzarella cheese doesn’t melt well enough for my liking for pizza. I’ve tried the Trader Joe’s vegan mozzarella shreds (white and green packaging) and this one DO NOT use on your pizza it is super sticky and you will have globs of cheese stuck to the roof of your mouth!! I do like this cheese for cheese dips or sauces though. My favorite cheese for pizza is the the Trader Joe’s Almond mozzarella cheese (white and brown packaging.)


Just because its vegan doesn’t mean your pizza has to be a “veggie pizza.” Here are some of our favorite go-to vegan pizza ideas:

  • Pesto Pizza
    •    make your own pesto for the base:
      • 1/2 lemon
      • 2 handfuls spinach
      • 2 handfuls fresh basil
      • 3/4 cup pine nuts
      • 2 garlic cloves
      • olive oil until desired smoothness
    • Recommending toppings:
      • vegan almond cheese
      • tomato slices
      • arugula
      • vegan chicken slices
  • Truffle Pizza
    • Recommended toppings:
      • pizza sauce
      • vegan almond cheese
      • olives
      • artichoke hearts
      • mushrooms
      • sprinkle truffle oil over top
  • Sausage Pizza
    • Recommended toppings:
      • pizza sauce combined with Trader Joes’s garlic sauce
      • vegan almond cheese
      • Trader Joe’s vegan sausage
      • mushrooms
      • sundried tomato
      • olives

And  once you have your tent set-up, decor nailed, and pizza baked (we bake ours in the Big Green Egg ceramic grill but in the oven at 450 degrees will work too) its time to take some pics with your girl pals!



tk 5.08.10 PM




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