Girlfriend’s Weekend- 48 Hours in Boston

Day 1


Veggie Galaxy: (Cambridge)

Boston is definitely a walking city. So first thing first you need to carb load. VEGAN STYLE.  Veggie Galaxy is amazing! I’m actually really happy I don’t live in Boston because I would be late to work every morning because of this place. The decor is diner meets The Jetsons (remember that show?) Sidenote: Im still waiting for the technology where I step in and out of my bathroom and I’m ready in two seconds. Hopefully someone smarter than me at Harvard is working on this! Ok, back to breakfast . The coffee is super smooth, no sugar needed and just a little bit of soy milk. So there are a ton of options that made me drool but after long contemplation I decided to go with the build your own tofu scramble. I added portobello mushrooms, spinach, avocado, pesto and the housemade vegan cheese! Seriously the cheese made the dish! It was like an alfredo-nacho cheese and I wouldn’t order anything without at least a side of this cheese! Also, they have high booths for two. Would made a really cute date spot!


Vintage Shopping

Next stroll the streets. There are ton of vintage shops in the area. Make sure to check out Boomerangs I got a HUGE chunky scarf with the tags still on for $5. Next we checked out the Goodwill. To be perfectly honest I have never really shopped at Goodwill, its usually just a drop off location. But this gem completely changed by perception of Goodwills. My girl pal found a long suede black jacket with faux fur for only $25.

Tour Time

Student led Harvard Tour

In the middle of Harvard Square (next to Pressed Juciery and Starbucks) there is a Harvard gift shop where you can purchase student led tours for $12. The cost of the ticket directly benefits the students but still make sure to tip your tour guide at the end, so make sure to bring cash. I’m usually not one for touristy stuff but I thoroughly enjoyed this tour. Harvard was founded in 1636 and when you realize the Constitution was ratified in 1776 you can appreciate really how old the campus is. There is so much history and cool back stories  for each building that I don’t to spoil for you, so I’ll end with you just need to check it out!


Snack Please!

Pressed Juicery

After walking miles we were ready for a snack. I love Pressed Juicery’s “fro-yo”. They are vegan and only contain a few simple ingredients. For example, the vanilla flavor has only almonds, dates, sea salt and vanilla. I personally loved the fruit flavor and topped it with granola, blue berries, and honey.



Newbury street

It had been a few hours since shopping so of course it was time to go shopping AGAIN. We headed over to Newbury street. This street has beautifully curated widow shopping. Unless your ready to drop some bills, use your eyes and not your wallet. If you need a mid-day cocktail I would recommend Saltie Girl or Lolita. Both are good dinner options too but be ready for a 2+ hour wait. They don’t take reservations. Lolita’s has a cocktail bar vibe so could be a good place to go back to after dinner for some more drinks and people watching.




I don’t know how we snagged a reservation at this place same day but so glad we did. This restaurant-turns-lounge is breathtaking. Its dark, romantic and makes you feel like your an upper east sider grabbing drinks with Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen. One room is a dark library with a fireplace. Another room is littered with chandeliers and portraits of renaissance women taking selfies. Their cocktail list is extensive and I would highly suggest the jalapeño cucumber margarita.


For dinner, this place is really good for big groups. Its tapas style so its nice to be able to get one of everything on the menu. The must-haves are the chicken quinoa meatballs, grilled octopus, and the best of all the crusted calms.


Day 2


By chloe

This place hits all the checkboxes for me. Ambience, check! Vegan, check! Creative options, check! Affordable, check! To-go, check! Dessert, check!


They serve breakfast and lunch options starting at 10am. So we opted for a little bit of both. We had the veggie smoothie bowl (don’t expect a veggie taste- had a green apple flavor), avocado toast (we all have an inner basic betch that needs her fix), air-baked sweet potato fries (they have beet ketchup and chipotle aioli for dipping), “chorizo” breakfast burrito, and a pesto “meatball” sandwich.


I wish it wasn’t 10 am because I really wanted an ice cream push-pop. Flintstone’s anyone? As a kid this was my ice cream trunk go-to. Again all DAIRY-FREE.


Shop till you drop

Downtown Crossings


So this place is the newest European store to hit the US. Just like when you fell in love with H&M but now so over it. Primark is your latest shopping addiction. The quality is shit but the prices are cheap. Perfect for fashion forward trends that you will only wear a few times that season while is hott. I got satin Pj’s for $17, a belt for $5, earrings for $3.50, work tops from $9-$15, booties for $20, jeans for $20. Its four stories so be prepared to spend a few hours in here. Plus this is where the cute Hello Boston neon sign is located. The worst part is you can’t shop online yet! SO this clearly is the sole reason to Boston ASAP!

See the Sites

Boston Public Garden

Uber to Boston Public Garden. During summer months make sure to take a ride on the swan boats. Unfortunately, it felt like a summer day (I was melting in this turtleneck sweater BTW) but the swan boats were closed for the season. Either way still a beautiful walk, there are gorgeous statues, bridges, and fountains. Good for a picnic or stroll.


Beacon Hill

Acorn Street

Probably the most photographed street in all of Boston is Acorn Street. Its basic colonial America with its cobblestone street and proudly hung flag.  You can’t drive down this street so make sure to stop and snag a few pictures. Likely to get some likes on instagram.

IMG_0632 2


When it comes to quick eateries in Boston every blog suggested Tatte Bakery. When we went into the one in Beacon Hill it was so hot and packed we decided to leave and keep walking. We ran into Pressed and at first I thought it was Pressed Juicery but realized the logo was different. Indeed they still have juice but they also have an array of toasts, cold noodles, and vegan sushi.


This miso dressing with the veggie sushi was to die for.


Boston Public Library

Walk down Beacon Street to the Boston Public Library. You will pass Cheers on your way to Boston Public Library if you want to add that to your Boston bucket list. The minute you walk in you feel transported to Italy or some European dream. The paintings and marble gave me nostalgic feels of the time I studied abroad in Europe for a summer. Thank goodness Instagram didn’t exist back then! I would have needed a social media detox after 3 months of stories, hashtags and filters.


I could sit all day in this courtyard with an endless supply of tea and a good book.


OK, am I the only one wondering how people study with hundreds of people wandering the halls of a public library?


Eataly Boston

For those of you that don’t know Eataly is an Italian marketplace for pasta lovers. They have little markets with every cheese you can think of (unfortunately, no vegan options — yes, I did look) , fresh made pasta, gelato, and Italian wines you can’t get your hands on anywhere else.



This is one of the restaurants within Eataly. It is so fresh and inviting. The roof is all glass and you can see the Prudential Building through it (go up for a pre dinner drink at Top of the Hub— great city views and its connected to the Eataly storefront) You must have a reservation days in advance for this place so plan accordingly. We did family style so we could try as much as possible! The oysters were divine. The mushroom pasta was even better.


And just that quickly your weekend stay in Boston is over. Until next time.



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