SEE, DO, EAT of DC in 48 hours

To be honest DC has never been on the top of my travel list. I’m not really a history buff  and unfortunately don’t have a refined taste for museums (unless its your basic museums like museum of ice cream… now I can get on board for that.) But I was pleasantly surprised with how many cool neighborhoods have developed in the city. Plus when it comes to urban design DC is Paris’ closest relative. DC’s architecture is pulled from many European cities. The buildings and museums reflect a classical element of design and it is hard to not feel mesmorized in their opulence.

Day One

Breakfast at Emissary:

We opted for the egg sandwich and avocado toast. Their presentation is one point, micro greens and edible flowers totally trick my brain into thinking everything tastes better! Is this just me? This cute coffeeshop also serves beer and wine if you slept in and want to skip right to brunch!

other morning options:

  1. The Coffee Bar
  2. JRINK 14th
  3. Bluestone Lane Brunch
  4. Malmaison
  5. Colada Shop


Now for some sightseeing!

Congressional Library

This is first on my list because of the spitting image of Trevi Fountain in Rome. I was a little disappointed by the lack of coins in the fountain. I read the city of Rome made $1.5 billion just last year from visitors casting their wishes. Maybe the US needs to start promoting this trend!!!


next stop: the Capital

This is kinda an obligatory stop.


next stop: Lincoln Memorial

I didn’t quite have a Legally Blonde moment while talking to Lincoln but I will give this place snaps for have the dopest view of Washington monument, your jaw might just drop in awe.


Walk the Mall until you come to the W

POV rooftop

This place is a must! The views are spectacular and my bestie and I are still talking about their drinks. (order the detox, its the perfect combination of spicy and refreshing) They have food too just be aware to have a table its a $40/person min.


continue to stroll along the National Mall and make sure to stop along the way to see the White House and stop into the Renwick Museum. Its current exhibition is on Burning man and it is not to be missed.


Dinner options:

  1. Takoda
  2. Cortez
  3. Mi Vida
  4. Columbia Heights
  5. China Chilcano- MUST!

Day Two


Boulangerie Christophe

Head straight to Georgetown for a Parisian breakfast. First start with a Lavender mimosa!!! YUM. There are only four tables upstairs next to the fireplace so if your going on the weekend make sure to make reservations. The smoked salmon benedict was my favorite. The omelets were a little too small to fill me up personally, but don’t fret because downstairs you can go fetch fresh pastries from their bakery and finish them off in their adorable patio.


The dishware was too cute to not photograph. After brunch walk around Georgetown. There are a lot of cute shops in the area.


Other lunch options:

  1. Calico (they have “adult” Capri Sun juice boxes)
  2. Espita Mezcaleria
  3. Chaia

Next Stop: Blind Whino

Unfortunately, it was closed for a private event the day we tried to go but its a small museum with contemporary pop art.


Next Stop: Union Market

Since brunch was on the lighter side we were ready for a snack and Union market is just the spot for a cocktail and nipples.


There is an open-air indoor market with a bunch of different food vendors with outdoor seating and food trucks.


Last up: Mural tour

Street art in big cities has transformed neighborhoods and has actually been one of my favorite things to now do when visiting urban spots. Airbnb under “experiences” even offers mural tours and photoshoots on Instagram “famous” streets now.

First stop: Watermelon House


The Kiwi wall is right next to this wall.

The Never give up wall is behind Union market

Head to U Street to find walls of flamingos, teeth, butterfly wings, and much more

While sipping those adult Capri Suns at Calico head out to Blagden alley to take pics with the rainbow Love mural.

Enjoy! xoxo


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