Girl Guide: Four Days in Paris

Yes, Paris is the city of love.

But, it is ALSO a luxurious ladies retreat and for good reason.It has to do with the endless glorious architecture, quaint cafes and the innate sense of fashion of the Parisians themselves. So get your squad together and start planning a trip to look forward to once all this madness has simmered. Thank you to Meredith, Allison, and Ellese for letting me join last minute on your spring break!

Day One:

Arrive via metro. If you are lugging around more than one suitcase like I did, highly advise you catch an Uber. You have all of about three seconds to cross closing doors upon the exit of the metro and that was not nearly enough time, despite full warning from my girlfriend.  It all happened so quickly and next thing I knew I found myself in a squat pushing the doors back open with my thighs and chucking my smaller suitcase over the doors. Shoutout to my barre instructor, Allison, she would have been proud.


Eat: Cafe Boheme

This place is beautifully decorated in bohemian flare inside and out yet casual enough for getting off a plane attire. I ordered the vegan bowl and rose spritz.

IMG_0487.jpgDay Two:

Coffee and pastries: Laduree

Macarons for breakfast? Yes, please.

Walk along Champs Elysee to Arc de Triomphe. There is an observation deck for  view of the city. Great shopping but somehow still found myself at Zara. TYPICAL. Also, you have to walk inside the Abercrombie & Fitch store, its basically a museum inside. STUNNING.


This day was super rainy and gloomy. We definitely looked like pigeon ladies here with all our layers but hell we made it couture.

Lunch: Le Cafe Marly

Great view of the Louvre’s glass pyramids but the menu is very limited. You were warned.


Next, explore the Louvre and Tuileries gardens.

Dinner: Cafe Le Brebrant

I’m attracted to all things bohemian so, yes, you can expect another beautiful restaurant lined with wicker chandeliers from the ceiling and plants galore.

Day Three

Walk to the Eiffel Tower and pick up a lil croissant and coffee to picnic with along the way. The Eiffel tower will sparkle for five minutes every hour  at dark until 1 am. Make sure to make this a nightly ritual. Truly MAGICAL.


You really can’t go wrong with any view of the Eiffel Tower but if you want a rooftop experience the Galaries Lafayette is a mall with a rooftop view. If you are planning to be in Paris during the winter season they set up igloos for an even more magical experience.


Ride the carousel across from the Eiffel Tower. Feels good to not give a f*** and be a kid again. Am I right?


If you continue walking away from the Eiffel Tower and up the steps you arrive at the Trocadero, where you will get the best pictures. Don’t be shy you know your gonna do it for the ‘gram. And why not buy two baguettes along the way so you can caption your photo with your bestie “Two French Baguettes.”


xoxo Gossip Girl.


Shoutout to Meredith (the fabulous girl in the leopard) for being an Au Pair for a year in Paris and being our French- speaking tour guide.



Lunch: Creperie Genia

I think about this place all the time! Hands down the best crepe I’ve ever had. It’s no instagram worthy destination but for $5 euro you get a drink, a savory crepe and a dessert crepe.

Sadly, the Notre Dame is being restored after the fires AND the work has been halted due to coronavirus. Check the status before you go.


Across from the Notre Dame is the cutest bookstore, Shakespeare & Co. Leave a letter to your love up on the second floor.


Walk along La Seine. Checkout the local bookstands and write a Postcard to a love one back home.


Dinner: Pink Mamma

This is a MUST! But make sure you get there 30-40 minutes before opening because a line will form around the corner.  The cocktails were 10/10. The ambiance was 10/10 and the food was a 12/10.  After dinner make sure to check out the speakeasy- esque basement.

Day Four:

On your way to Jardin Frederic-Dard stop at Moulin Rouge. This area was a quick stop for me, its dirty and the “red light district” of Paris.

Once you arrive at Jardin Frederic-Dard, support the local artist and maybe even get a self-portrait done.

Before leaving check out Sacre Coeur, its the highest point in Paris, if you want to go inside the beautiful basilica you must be dressed appropriately. It is a Government owed building so there is no enforceable dress code but its always good to be respectful.


Lunch: Le Consulat

If you walk down the hill away from Sacre Coeur you will run into Le Consulat and La Maison Rose.

We at at Le Consulat and enjoyed the snails, mussels, fries, and onion soup.


Unfortunately, La Maison Rose was closed. But couldn’t help get a photo in front of a cute pink building.


After walking for hours it was time to relax at Cafe De Flore and enjoy a glass of rose. They don’t take reservations so we went at an off time to get an outside seat along the street.


That evening we went to the ballet at Palais Garnier Opera. I would highly recommend going even if your not excited about whatever is performing while your in Paris. The inside of the Opera is absolutely breathtaking. I would get there 30-45 mins early to walk around. I honestly felt like Charlize Theron’s Dior commerial in Versailles, with an empowered walk and struck a pose. I’ll be honest the ballet was probably the hardest thing I had to sit through in my life. But we only paid $28.50 and had a great experience. If you a giant like my friends and I, I would probably pay for better seats. We were in the VERY back and I felt like we were in hobbit land. Our heads were touching the ceiling and our knees would sideways just to fit!



No girls trip would be complete without a photoshoot. Do yourself a favor and hire the French photographer, Louis @hellolouislaw. He was so awesome as he bore the freezing cold with us at the crack of the dawn to graciously take our photos.



We started off at Palais Royal around 7 am before the crowds got there.


You’ll find Calzedonia stores all throughout Paris. We scored some really fun tights and socks pictured above.


Everyday we pretty much wore berets to add to our Parsian look. Don’t worry about finding them before. You can pick them up all along the street side markets in just about every color you can think of.



Pretty much every corner of Paris is a beautiful background.



We walked from the Louvre area down the gardens to Place de la Concorde for our last location to shoot.


A huge thank you to Louis for taking these photos for us and creating lasting memories forever from a great trip!




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