Hi! I’m Ashley Kisling, my husband, Tyler Kisling and I are both dentists. We are California natives living in Georgia. We moved here less than a year ago for me to attend my residency program in Orthodontics. I enjoy working out (currently a die hard Orange Theory fan), eating clean but creatively, traveling and of course a beautiful smile.

I’ll mostly be posting about our food journey. My husband and I both LOVE food and flavor is really important to us. When I started trying to eat healthy, I struggled finding recipes that both were clean but delicious. So my recipes will be based on Pinterest recipes I have found but have altered to either be healthier or more full of flavor!

One of my other hobbies is living vicariously through other people’s travels. So when Tyler and I get the chance to escape the real world, I will post about our travels, so maybe I too can make someone day dream over a cup of coffee.